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Shelly’s 80th Birthday at Club Giraud

We are a lover of celebrations here at Parish Photography.  It was an honor to be a part of Shelly’s 80th birthday party a few months ago.  They had a table full of history and a room full of good friends from all over the country to celebrate her and her many accomplishments.  The party couldn’t have ended any better than with a delicious cake full of trick candles.  Thank goodness her sister was there to help blow them all out!80thBirthday-1055 80thBirthday-1028 80thBirthday-1022 80thBirthday-1003 80thBirthday-1018 80thBirthday-1029 80thBirthday-1030 80thBirthday-1065 80thBirthday-1068 80thBirthday-1073 80thBirthday-1070 80thBirthday-1071

Abbey and Jeffrey: Outdoor Wedding at Mercury Hall in Austin

Abbey and Jeffrey are the coolest.  Check out all of their handmade decor at this stunning venue in south Austin.  The venue used to be a church!  It’s nestled in the city but you feel like you’re out in the country.  Pretty neat vibes.  We loved how their personalities were showing in every detail and we loved to see the joy and happiness not only between them but all of their guests, too.  Cheers to the two of you!  Special shout out to San Antonio photographer Justin Brownell for helping out.  We always dig his colorful, unique photos. Dauphin-1229 Dauphin-1239 Dauphin-1161 Dauphin-1008 Dauphin-1033 Dauphin-1172 Dauphin-1213 Dauphin-1209 Dauphin-1203 Dauphin-1242 Dauphin-1020 Dauphin-1022 Dauphin-1030 Dauphin-1217 Dauphin-1028 Dauphin-1361 Dauphin-1238 Dauphin-1089 Dauphin-1092 Dauphin-1060 Dauphin-1413 Dauphin-1365 Dauphin-1367 Dauphin-1369

Chelsea: Bridal Session at Sonterra Country Club

Chelsea was a gorgeous bride!  Such a class act!  Check out some of our favorites from her bridal session at Sonterra Country Club.

Hawkins-1000 Hawkins-1019 Hawkins-1017 Hawkins-1008 Hawkins-1004 Hawkins-1013 Proof-1000-2 Hawkins-1015 Proof-1000 FINAL

Fiesta done right at UIW’s Retirement Community

Nobody knows how to party better than these retirees!  We’ve been busy all week photographing Fiesta events, but this one put some big smiles on our faces.  We hope we’re this much fun when we get older.  Check out their funnel cakes, food carts, party outfits and festive attitudes.   Viva Fiesta! 
Fiesta2015-1008 Fiesta2015-1011 Fiesta2015-1013 Fiesta2015-1017 Fiesta2015-1018 Fiesta2015-1022 Fiesta2015-1023 Fiesta2015-1030 Fiesta2015-1032 Fiesta2015-1037 Fiesta2015-1039 Fiesta2015-1051 Fiesta2015-1058 Fiesta2015-1060 Fiesta2015-1086 Fiesta2015-1105 Fiesta2015-1126 Fiesta2015-1143 Fiesta2015-1155 Fiesta2015-1168

Callie and Stephen: Wedding at St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church and The Argyle

Callie and Stephen had an elegant affair at St. John’s and the Argyle in San Antonio.  They even braved the cold for a few photos outside!  Check out some highlights below.  We had such a wonderful time getting to know their friends and family.Ramirez-1006 Ramirez-1021 Ramirez-1008 Ramirez-1022 Ramirez-1063 Ramirez-1091 Ramirez-1116 Ramirez-1145 Ramirez-1131 Ramirez-1141 Ramirez-1147 Ramirez-1156 Ramirez-1224 Ramirez-1267 Ramirez-1253 Ramirez-1277 Ramirez-1274