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Callie and Stephen: Wedding at St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church and The Argyle

Callie and Stephen had an elegant affair at St. John’s and the Argyle in San Antonio.  They even braved the cold for a few photos outside!  Check out some highlights below.  We had such a wonderful time getting to know their friends and family.Ramirez-1006 Ramirez-1021 Ramirez-1008 Ramirez-1022 Ramirez-1063 Ramirez-1091 Ramirez-1116 Ramirez-1145 Ramirez-1131 Ramirez-1141 Ramirez-1147 Ramirez-1156 Ramirez-1224 Ramirez-1267 Ramirez-1253 Ramirez-1277 Ramirez-1274

Alexa and Cole: Engagement Session at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens

Valentine’s day is tomorrow!  We thought it would be appropriate to show some love today.  Check out Alexa and Cole at the Botanical Gardens here in San Antonio.  We had a grand time walking around and dodging kiddos and ended up finding some epic foliage along the way.  Can’t wait to see this two tie the knot in May.Cantu-1062 Cantu-1001 Cantu-1053 Cantu-1057 Cantu-1019 Cantu-1065 Cantu-1007 Cantu-1060 Cantu-1069 Cantu-1010 Cantu-1068 Cantu-1064 Cantu-1032 Cantu-1066

Texas Cavaliers: Texas Governor Inauguration Parade in Austin

We had the honor of photographing the Texas Cavaliers march in the Governor’s Inauguration Parade on January 20th.  They had their handsome blue uniforms and gorgeous horses as they marched towards the Texas capitol.  We ran alongside snapping pictures of the waves and laughter.  Check out some highlights below!GovParade-1010 GovParade-1004 GovParade-1078 GovParade-1049 GovParade-1102 GovParade-1087 GovParade-1137 GovParade-1065 GovParade-1140 GovParade-1113 GovParade-1028 GovParade-1136 GovParade-1064 GovParade-1129 GovParade-1151

GovParade-1088 GovParade-1052 GovParade-1054 GovParade-1070 GovParade-1084

Blue Star Bingo at Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum

This party was a few months ago but we couldn’t help but post a few photos on the blog.  Bingo, booze, friends AND contemporary art?  Best combo ever.BlueStarBingo-1000 BlueStarBingo-1022 BlueStarBingo-1019 BlueStarBingo-1004 BlueStarBingo-1012 BlueStarBingo-1036 BlueStarBingo-1006 BlueStarBingo-1003 BlueStarBingo-1033 BlueStarBingo-1037

End of Year Review: Engagement and Bridal Portraits

We always have a fun time reviewing our favorite images from the past year.  Adventures, genuine people, funny stories.  We have some awesome customers.  We’re going to try to do this once a week during January for our weddings and other celebrations for 2014.  This week is dedicated to bridal and engagement photos.  Check out some highlights below:
Medrano-1092 Engagement-1037 Mallory-1073 Engagement-1026 KateBridal-1058 Medrano-1006 Tasha-1065 Engagement-1097 print Jess&Nick-1007 Cantu-1069 Tasha-1081