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Lily: TMI Senior Portrait Session in San Antonio

We love how San Antonio has fall colors even in the winter time.  Check out this fun session with Lily from TMI.  We wish you the best senior year ever, Lily!Morris-1012 Morris-1015 Morris-1013 Morris-1047 Morris-1055 Morris-1022 Morris-1037 Morris-1054 Morris-1042 Morris-1033 Morris-1076 Morris-1060

Kristen and Shannon: Wedding at the Southwest School of Art

Kristen and Shannon’s wedding was quite the affair at the Southwest School of Art in San Antonio.  As dog lovers, we couldn’t help but obsess over all of the French bulldog inspired decor.  Their dog, Tuna, might be the coolest dog in San Antonio (or the world).  Check out the sassy bridesmaids and dapper groomsmen.  We love a good wedding party and this one was a BLAST.   The weather was beautiful, Steven Lee Moya was rockin’ the jams and beer pong on the patio made for some quality competition.  We wish we could do this one all over again.

Wedding-1089 Wedding-1076 Untitled-1 Wedding-1100


Wedding-1133 Wedding-1144 Wedding-1060 Wedding-1117 Wedding-1109 Wedding-1011 Wedding-1142 Untitled-2 copy Wedding-1181 Wedding-1197 Untitled-2 Wedding-1203 Wedding-1151 Wedding-1161 Wedding-1001 Wedding-1176Wedding-1017

Wedding-1282 Wedding-1277 Wedding-1304 Wedding-1335 Wedding-1250 Wedding-1233 Wedding-1239 Wedding-1219 Wedding-1222 Wedding-1407 Wedding-1458 Wedding-1566 Wedding-1505

Mr. Calvert’s 90th Birthday Party at the San Antonio Country Club

It was an honor to photograph Mr.Calvert’s 90th birthday party at the San Antonio Country Club a few weeks ago.  The event was full of family and friends and incredible stories about Mr.Calvert’s life.  He was even presented birthday letters from former President Bush and the Texas Governor.  It was such a joy to hear his family talk about him as a child and as a father.  Cheers to 90 years, Mr.Calvert!  90thBirthday-1012 90thBirthday-1058 90thBirthday-1028 90thBirthday-1066 90thBirthday-1130 90thBirthday-1073 90thBirthday-1196 90thBirthday-1216 90thBirthday-1169 90thBirthday-1209 90thBirthday-1075 90thBirthday-1189 90thBirthday-1113 90thBirthday-1201 90thBirthday-1205 90thBirthday-1206

Tasha and David: Engagement Session at the Pearl

It’s real easy to take photos of people who literally can’t stop smiling.  Check out Tasha and David’s session at the Pearl Brewery.  Can’t wait to show her bridal session and their wedding!  More to come.
Mallory-1073 Mallory-1004 Mallory-1062 Mallory-1014 Mallory-1021 Mallory-1036 Mallory-1016 Mallory-1093Mallory-1055 Mallory-1056 Mallory-1048 Mallory-1067

Power of Preservation PROM: Women’s Pavilion at Hemisphere Park

PROM is one of our favorite events of the year.  Not just because it has fun guests and a great theme, but because we see old vacant buildings transformed for the event.  This year was at the Women’s Pavilion in Hemisphere Park and it looked stunning!  Cheers to the power of preservation!PROM2014-1019PROM2014-1001PROM2014-1012PROM2014-1008PROM2014-1018PROM2014-1022PROM2014-1043PROM2014-1047PROM2014-1056PROM2014-1067PROM2014-1042PROM2014-1082PROM2014-1079PROM2014-1072PROM2014-1105PROM2014-1108PROM2014-1130PROM2014-1100PROM2014-1037PROM2014-1004PROM2014-1096PROM2014-1135PROM2014-1033PROM2014-1068PROM2014-1078PROM2014-1092PROM2014-1057PROM2014-1111PROM2014-1114PROM2014-1059PROM2014-1137