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Ellie and Dan: Charcuterie and Champagne Engagement Session in San Antonio

What a fun session we had with these two.  Charcuterie, champagne, and bow ties.  What could go wrong!  Ellie and Dan wore their finest for their engagement session in their apartment complex at the Pearl in downtown San Antonio.  We strolled the streets, hung out by the pool and even had a glass of champagne (or two!).  Check out their classy portraits below.  We love the mix of candid and posed images.
Engagement-1070 Engagement-1152 Engagement-1094 Engagement-1081 Engagement-1064 Engagement-1085 Engagement-1165 Engagement-1179 Engagement-1153 Engagement-1058 Engagement-1092 Engagement-1103 Engagement-1183 Engagement-1154 Engagement-1095 Engagement-1087 Engagement-1074 Engagement-1135 Engagement-1122 Engagement-1170

Jamie Wyeth Opening at SAMA

This great exhibition is almost over at SAMA! Make sure to go by this holiday weekend and check it out. The opening was a blast not only because of the art, but because the artist himself was there.  Contemporary realism at it’s finest.

WyethOpening-1047 WyethOpening-1020 WyethOpening-1085 WyethOpening-1114 WyethOpening-1025 WyethOpening-1008 WyethOpening-1028 WyethOpening-1029 WyethOpening-1033 WyethOpening-1032 WyethOpening-1108 WyethOpening-1043 WyethOpening-1083 WyethOpening-1102 WyethOpening-1075

Summer Series: The Epic Road Trip

Our #summerseries this year is dedicated to the EPIC ROAD TRIP!  We’ve all done it….piled into the car for hours upon end to trek across the good ol’ US of A to see amazing landscapes and must-see sites.  Our road trip took us to California with stops in New Mexico and Arizona.  We’ll be giving y’all a glimpse into some of our favorite photos along the way. Stay tuned!!

DSC_2329 DSC_2764 DSC_2804 DSC_2838 DSC_2361 DSC_3328

Chelsea and Zack: Wedding at Coker Methodist and Club at Sonterra

HawkinsWedding-1134 HawkinsWedding-1038 HawkinsWedding-1060 HawkinsWedding-1059 HawkinsWedding-1073 HawkinsWedding-1228 HawkinsWedding-1249 HawkinsWedding-1266 HawkinsWedding-1260 HawkinsWedding-1081 (2) HawkinsWedding-1067 HawkinsWedding-1153 HawkinsWedding-1130 HawkinsWedding-1140 HawkinsWedding-1185 HawkinsWedding-1354 HawkinsWedding-1159 HawkinsWedding-1491 HawkinsWedding-1494 (2)

Alexa: Bridal session at The Broadway in San Antonio

This pretty lady just got married a few weeks ago meaning we can finally post her bridal portraits!  We were able to do a shoot at The Broadway, one of the coolest residential buildings in town.  From the clean, white, sun filled rooms to the majestic library, we had a blast photographing Alexa in her classy bridal gown.
CantuBridal-1018 CantuBridal-1024 CantuBridal-1045 CantuBridal-1058 CantuBridal-1093 CantuBridal-1097 CantuBridal-1060 CantuBridal-1003 CantuBridal-1006 CantuBridal-1017 CantuBridal-1000 CantuBridal-1057 CantuBridal-1036