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Mattie and Walter Rehearsal Dinner: Buckhorn Saloon, Downtown San Antonio

Mattie and Walter had quite the celebration weekend starting with their rehearsal dinner at the infamous Buckhorn Saloon downtown.  Check out some of the highlights below.  We can’t wait to show you the wedding!!Buckhorn-1141Buckhorn-1104 Buckhorn-1121 Buckhorn-1140 Buckhorn-1003 Buckhorn-1007 Buckhorn-1011 Buckhorn-1016 Buckhorn-1060 Buckhorn-1065 Buckhorn-1097

Luke: Senior Portrait Session at St. Mary’s Hall

We can’t say enough good things about our new friend, Luke!  Violinist, track star, great student; this guy is quite the catch!  He was an absolute joy to photograph as we tromped around St. Mary’s Hall’s campus in the summer heat.  Good luck on your senior year, Luke!  We’re looking forward to more violin serenades.

Senior-1011Senior-1023senior portrait 3Senior-1111Senior-1089senior portrait 2Senior-1053Senior-1083Senior-1029senior portraitSenior-1090Senior-1025

Power of Preservation Event: 2nd-annual Mini-Golf Challenge at Cool Crest

The Power of Preservation always throws the best parties.  We had a great time sipping margaritas and watching the 2nd-annual Mini-Golf Challenge at the historic Cool Crest golf course in the Deco District.  A portion of the proceeds from this year’s challenge will support the restoration of the historic Cool Crest sign on Fredericksburg Rd.  We look forward to photographing the PoP’s upcoming PROM event at the Women’s Pavilion in Hemisfair Park in October.   

CoolCrest2014-1002 CoolCrest2014-1004 CoolCrest2014-1058 CoolCrest2014-1043 CoolCrest2014-1020 CoolCrest2014-1107 CoolCrest2014-1105 CoolCrest2014-1100 CoolCrest2014-1092 CoolCrest2014-1003 CoolCrest2014-1150 CoolCrest2014-1083 CoolCrest2014-1009 CoolCrest2014-1138 CoolCrest2014-1073 CoolCrest2014-1145 CoolCrest2014-1146 CoolCrest2014-1008

New American Alliance Institute (NAA) Summit

We recently photographed the New America Alliance Institute (NAA) summit, a gathering that brought together a group of important business and policy leaders to discuss actions that affect the American Latino community and the nation. The alliance held panels on education, politics, immigration, and entrepreneurship with dialogue focusing on improving the lives of Latinos and all Americans. We enjoyed being able to capture a few moments from this important meeting to develop our local community and national society.


Celebrate Summer: Hiking in Colorado

Our most recent summer adventure took us to Denver, Colorado.  Our biggest feat was road trippin’ to Boulder to hike the Flatirons. It was quite a trek but was certainly worth it when we finally made it to the top - the views were breathtaking! Finishing the afternoon with a picnic and the best of friends, we can’t think of a better way to celebrate summer! denver-1006denver-1012denver-1019denver-1013denver-1040denver-1018denver-1022denver-1027denver-1042denver-1041denver-1056IMG_4161denver-1045denver-1033denver-1057denver-1064denver-1067denver-1036denver-1068