Good Folks and Lasting Stories

We tell stories by focusing on what matters, people. Highlighting the joy of your relationships is the foundation of our photography. We genuinely care about you and your event and strive to capture it in an authentic way. Rooted in good business practices, we hope to provide you with the best customer service. Come by our studio and tell us about your event—we can’t wait to meet you and hear what is important to you. Let us tell your story.

We are proud to be based in San Antonio, Texas, a place known for friendly people and vibrant culture. (And we just so happen to be located next door to the best tacos in town.) About twice a year we venture out of state for destination weddings. If this is something you’re interested in, please let us know.

Meet our People

Charles Parish

Parish Photography has been around since 1964, when it was founded by Charles Parish with his late uncle George Parish. Charles is known for his social and philanthropic engagement in the San Antonio community and is Terrell Hill's longest standing councilman. He has been married for 51 years to Betty, a retired wedding planner. Throughout his accomplished career, he has worked over 4,000 events—including many for second generation clients. At 80 years old, he continues to keep a camera in his trunk… just in case!

Jenna-Beth Lyde

Charles led the company for over 50 years before selling it to Jenna-Beth Lyde in March of 2012. J.B., as she is also known, has been steering the ship at Parish Photography for more than 5 years. She grew up in the Valley and graduated from Trinity University with a focus on business and art. J.B. spends her time volunteering with the Junior League of San Antonio, working on her 1900 craftsman style home, and going on adventures with her lab mix, Fiesta.

David Nicholson

David Nicholson started with Parish Photography in the summer of 2016 as a marketing intern. He quickly picked up the camera and has become a pro at both commercial and wedding coverage. David is responsible for all the witty captions on Parish's Instagram feed. He grew up in Alamo Heights and graduated from Texas A&M University... He is never seen without his Aggie Ring.

Our Focus

Most of our work centers around events: weddings, galas, corporate  functions, and more. We provide start-to-finish coverage to document every aspect of your event,from who is there,how you decorated, and what you served to how the moment feels. There are many elements to visual storytelling, and we can apply our skills to any type of event.