San Antonio Armature Works

San Antonio Armature Works is a fourth-generation family owned and operated Electrical Apparatus Service and Repair facility (EASA) in San Antonio since 1922 that continues to provide San Antonio, Austin, and South Texas with its services and products.



San Antonio Armature Works
1015 North Colorado St



What is armature?



Armature is the rotating coil or coils of a dynamo or electric motor. Basically SA Armature Works deals with everything regarding motors.





Watching everyone work in the 40,000 sq ft facility on the west side was impressive.  There were coils, large machines, and technical tools in every corner. They all learned their skills through on the job training.





Every time I looked up I saw a pulley.  With such heavy equipment and motors, they’re necessary to get motors in and out and around the facility. They have a 20 ton lifting capability.





Come to find out, I know NOTHING about motors.  They use coils! The coil is used as an electromagnet used to rotate an electrical machine such as a motor or generator.





Thank you to San Antonio Armature Works for letting us come and visit!