Brusenhan Jazz Luncheon / Club Giraud

San Antonio Luncheon Photographer

We love to photograph all types of events.  This jazz-themed luncheon celebrated San Antonio debutante, Milla.  As a San Antonio luncheon photographer we were able to capture the people, decor, and vibe of the event.  It ended up being a rainy day, but that didn’t stop Milla’s family from throwing an amazing party.  Make sure to take note of the streamers at the entrance and the jazz band in the courtyard. Day time events are usually more intimate and conversation focused which allows us to really capture relationships. This luncheon not only celebrated Milla, but her friends and family that have supported and encourage her throughout her life.

Parish Photography has long been part of San Antonio’s most festive occasions. From the spectacular to the most intimately simple – we love a good celebration!  If you have a reason to throw a party, we want to make it a huge success as your event photographer. We believe the best pictures come from capturing the people, the ambiance and the emotions that make your event something to celebrate. We appreciate that life is filled with the most special moments to be remembered and shared long after all the guests have gone home.  Nothing makes for a better memory than professional photography.

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June 2, 2017


Debutante Party