Martha and Craig / The Dominion

In Home San Antonio Engagement Session

Craig and Martha just bought their  home  in the Dominion and we thought it would be perfect for their San Antonio engagement session.  Photographing people in their own space allows for a lot more personality to shine in their photos. People are usually more comfortable in their own space.  And how nice is it that their home is their backdrop? We even got to include their pup!!

Photo Tips: Authentic Activities

We like to incorporate a lot of activities that the couples actually do in our photography.  Martha and Craig like to hang out by their pool and drink wine.  They also like to adventure on Craig’s Harley.  Having conversations about what the couple likes to do together helps us get to know them better.  This helps us tell their story.  It’s important when they look back on their engagement photos in 20 years that they know their intention.  They will be able to recognize their home.  They’ll be able to reminisce about their conversations by the pool.  And they’ll be able to talk about how vintage their Harley looks!

Here is another example of an engagement session where we photographed in the couple’s home and incorporated some of their favorite things they do together: Ellie and Dan at the Pearl

Check out their wedding here!

Their wedding was just a few weeks later at Club Giraud in downtown San Antonio.  Check out their photos here!



May 17, 2014