Rachel and Marc / Downtown San Antonio

San Antonio Engagement Photographer

We took engagement photos of Marc and Rachel in a warehouse near downtown.  Marc, a local architect, had the inside connection to get us all in the building. As a San Antonio engagement photographer it was a treat to be able to take engagement photos in a location no one has been able to previously. It was a wide open warehouse with plenty of natural light (a photographer’s dream).  We were able to not only get some crisp, well lit photos but were able to get some fun moody, dramatic photos depending on where we shot in the warehouse.

Locations with Meaning

It is very important to choose locations that have meaning to the couple.  We want them to be able to look at these photos in 20 years and be able to articulate why we took the photos in that particular place.  We also want the location to bring back memories and nostalgia.  For the warehouse, we were able to highlight Marc’s love of architecture.  They choose Rosella, an amazing local coffee joint, as their second location.  This is not only the place of their first date, but a place they go to often.  After some iced lattes (taking photos and being a model is tiring!) we were able to do a few more pictures.

Next time you get professional photography whether it’s family photos, engagement photos, or other type of portrait we recommend picking somewhere that you can talk about.  Give intention and meaning to your photographs.  Choosing a location of importance is going to make that photograph so much more special as you get older.  We were recently able to visit some friends in NYC to take their engagement photos.  It was meaningful for them to have photos taken in a place where they met and fell in love.  Check out their New York City sunrise session here.



September 5, 2018