Hil / 5th Birthday

San Antonio Birthday Photographer

As a San Antonio birthday photographer we get to celebrate with children and adults all over town.  Check out Hil’s 5th complete with cupcakes, a pinata, a bounce house, and of course silly string!  Birthday photography captures important friends and family and the birthday boy or girl! As time goes on it’s neat to look back and see who and what was important to you that year of life.  It celebrates your relationships and achievements.  Many people overlook the importance of photography at these types of celebrations. It is definitely worth the investment!

Silly String for the Win

Photographing kiddos playing in a bounce house or playground is always adorable, but giving them something where they interact is even better.  Check out the joy on their faces as they use the silly string against one another.  Hil’s mom is so good at providing toys and props at events for the kids to engage with not only one another, but their parents.  Next time you plan a party think about ways in which you can get your guests to participate and interact.  It always makes for a good story and some great photo opportunities.

Check out another birthday we photographed at the San Antonio Zoo here.


August 2, 2017