Mary Margaret and Patrick / Hotel Emma

Rehearsal Dinner Photographer

Not many people think about having a rehearsal dinner photographer, but it’s an important part of the wedding weekend.  It is an opportunity for the photographer to get to know key players in the wedding.  And it’s an opportunity for the groom’s family to get to know the photographer.  We love photographing rehearsal dinners because it tells us so much more about the bride and groom and their history and families.  Plus, it’s another party!  We love photographing celebrations.

Hotel Emma Event

This particular rehearsal dinner took place at Hotel Emma.  It was nice for everyone to experience one of San Antonio’s coolest hotels, because the wedding was taking place at the bride’s family ranch.  It really was the best of both worlds for their out of town guests – downtown San Antonio plus gorgeous hill country the following day.  This rehearsal dinner was a bit bigger than most.  There were lots of awesome speeches followed by a live band with dancing.  A highlight of the evening was watching the groom sing to his bride.  Check out all the celebratory laughs and tears in the photos.

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January 30, 2020


Rehearsal Dinner