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Office Headshots in San Antonio

There’s a first impression or the best first impression. Make it work to your benefit with company headshots that frame your business in the best light. Parish Photography has years of experience working with San Antonio corporations. Family-owned businesses, independent entrepreneurs, and more! We do our best to help position you for great success. We specialize in taking headshots in all types of environments – office headshots, outdoor headshots, and studio headshots.

Professional business photographs are crucial for a variety of purposes. From promotion announcements, annual reports, financial statements, social media profiles (think LinkedIn) and your company website. Think of these pictures as investments in your future and a reflection of your own business practices. It’s more than a photo – it really does represent your image and your brand.

Architectural Record Office Headshots

While visiting New York City we had the opportunity to take some office headshots for Architectural Record’s upcoming issue featuring a panel of judges. It had to be done quickly as the majority of their day consisted of judging different projects. We found a gorgeous, lengthy hallway surrounded by windows and set up a simple bounce flash.  All of the judges were photographed in under an hour.  Sometimes you have all the time in the world for a photo and sometimes  you don’t!  The important thing is to read the situation and adapt.  We set up shop and produced the photos same day in this case.  It was a blast getting to see their office and to see the stunning city views!!

All of our headshots are different because they are taken in different environments.  Check out these that were captured in Texas Public Radio’s library!


January 31, 2017


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