Power of Preservation PROM / Stinson Municipal Airport

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Ideally, your fundraising photographs should tell a story. Not just about the actual event, but also be used long afterwards to continue to inspire and engage donors or any audience. Parish Photography has a long history of community involvement. We also have expertise in nonprofit event photography. Today’s charitable giving plans require striking imagery that stands out in a crowded field.  The right event photography should enhance the right messaging. It will make a big difference that sustains your program through ongoing marketing and promotion efforts, direct solicitations and other nonprofit appeals. As professional nonprofit event photographers in San Antonio, we know how to take photos that aid in your mission.

Power of Preservation Foundation and Awesome Historic Venues

The Power of Preservation PROMenade takes place once a year and benefits the hands-on preservation programs of the Office of Historic Preservation in San Antonio.  It’s one of our favorite events of the year because they choose the most unique venues.  The buildings not only have a long history in San Antonio but sometimes are dilapidated and unused.  The committee of “PROM” comes in and transforms the space for an epic party.  Several of the places they’ve used we never would have known about!  And some are now currently being renovated!  I know that every time the this event comes up we are going to be delighted and surprised with where it is and what they have done with the space.

Another neat aspect of PROM is that they choose a theme.   Sometimes when these types of events use a theme about 10% of people go for it.  The PROM’s guests ALL participate.  They dress up and try to outdo one another and have a blast.  This year the party was at the Stinson Municipal Airport and we saw everything from people dressed up as pilots, flight attendants and Pan-Am passengers.

Check out another one of their parties that channeled Prom from the ’50’s.


January 13, 2016


Event, Fundraiser