Lizzy and Seth / The Ritz at Amelia Island

Destination Event Photographer – We love Rehearsal Dinners!

We’ve seen the best of so many San Antonio celebrations, but we’ve also been known to take to the road to wherever your rehearsal dinner or pre-wedding event may be. It’s our specialty to get to know our clients and our personalized approach means you get to discuss what’s most important to you for all your wedding photography. You and your intended are not like any other nor should your photographs be any less distinctive. Our studio style is always focused on your individual preferences. As a destination event photographer, we’re approachable and make it easy to connect, communicate and wind up with the most creative results.

Lizzy and Seth’s Wedding Weekend

We love any kind of event where you and your guests can relax and enjoy the moment before the wedding. (We know it may be the last time before you can kick back and relax a bit!) So just say “we do” and leave it to us to snap the most meaningful photos that tell the story of the happiest times of your lives. Lizzy and Seth decided to venture out to one of their favorites places, Amelia Island in Florida.  We photographed their rehearsal dinner and then their wedding the following day at the Ritz-Carlton.  That place is gorgeous!! It’s always a joy to be a part of pre-wedding events.  These events provide opportunities to meet family and other VIP’s before the big day.  It also puts us in wedding mode early!  Capturing the vibe of the whole weekend, not just the wedding day, really helps in telling the full story.  Smaller events provide an intimacy that can sometimes not be accomplished at the wedding.  Conversations are longer and more meaningful, speeches give us more insight into the couple and we’re able to learn who is who.   Make those moments a priority and have Parish Photography tell your story!

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July 14, 2017


Rehearsal Dinner