Jim Calvert’s 90th Birthday / San Antonio Country Club

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90th Birthday Party in San Antonio

This celebration was an honor to photograph.  Mr. Calvert’s grandchildren, two brothers and even groomsmen from his wedding day 63 years ago all came to attend the event.  With a harpist playing in the background, guests mixed and mingled and congratulated Mr. Calvert on his 90 years of life. Pictures from every decade adorned the walls and every table.  Speeches came from his children, family and friends about his humility, devotion to his wife and family, and his incredible hunting skills.

It was to no surprise that his humble speech only talked about the successes of his family and not of his many accomplishments.  He was presented with a  congratulatory letter from the Governor of Texas as well as with an honorary Admirable in the Texas Navy distinction.  The evening came to an end with a standing ovation and bagpipe serenade from his grandson.  Here’s to many more birthday celebrations, Mr. Calvert!  We can’t wait till the big 100!

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October 31, 2014


Birthday, Celebrations