Plastic Supply of San Antonio

Plastic Supply is one of those businesses I used to drive by and desperately wanted to go in to see what they do.  Basically, they can make you ANYTHING out of plastic.  It’s so fun to go in and see their bin of leftover plastic pieces in all kinds of colors.  Check out the photos and their story below.



Plastic Supply of San Antonio





We are a family owned and operated company. The family names have changed over the decades, but the mission of providing the best service to our customers will always stay intact. We strive to continue to provide excellent service to our strong customer base, while also contributing to the growth of midtown’s Tobin Hill.





2010 marked our 50th anniversary and the retirement of Manuel Ornelas after 46 years of service. The store is now under the ownership of Jacqueline Roberts and Ryan Bigley. Our great staff has over 52 years of experience. The store is now located at 318 W. Josephine. We continue to maintain the excellent service to our customers and to provide plastic products to our San Antonio community.





We have a very strong customer base that includes construction companies, municipalities, retail chains, restaurants, museums, artists, architects, engineers, collectors (display/preservation cases), landscapers, greenhouse operators, and the military.





Thank you to Plastic Supply for letting us come and visit!