Meier Bros. Monuments

Visiting Meier Bros. Monuments was a real treat for me.  The building is located around the corner from my home and  I always wondered, what’s their story?  Come to find out they are over 100 years old and one of the only places in town who sandblast their monuments by hand. Clifton is the remaining brother of the business and actually grew up on the property. Their original office is the small building in the middle and you can find hand drawn English letters hanging on the walls. We had a lovely visit where he toured me around and showed me some incredible pictures of the projects they have worked on over the years.



Meier Bros. Monuments
201 Roosevelt Ave





The building is located right next to the railroad track, which makes perfect sense considering that’s where their granite and other materials would come in from. They would get stone from all over the world like India and Norway. Dealing with such heavy materials back then meant they needed to be in close proximity to where it was unloaded. Now, the material comes on large trucks.





Clifton’s father graduated from highschool at 15 and immediately began learning how to carve stone.  He worked on several churches in town and even city hall. Today, Clifton runs the business with his wife.  They average about two tombstones a day.





They cut adhesive stencils by hand using an exacto knife, then glue and tape it to the stone. They glue and tape all over the stone to protect it from the sandblasting.





Most of their tombstones are for Jewish and Chinese cemeteries.  They have to be incredibly patient and exact to hand cut stencils in Hebrew and Chinese.



Thank you Meier Bros. Monuments for letting us come and visit!