Local Sprout

Mitch is responsible for an entire warehouse of food professionals on the East side of San Antonio.  Coffee, garlic, and meat professionals all occupy the space called The Food Hub.  We were fortunate to investigate Mitch’s hydroponic farm.  Hydroponics is the process of growing plants without soil.  Check out his kale farm inside a shipping container.



Local Sprout
503 Chestnut St



The LocalSprout Food Hub is a collaborative environment for small businesses to make food. The businesses inside have a focus on local sourcing and premium quality





Have you ever seen a farm like this?  Check out that lighting and set up.





Just outside the building are more edible plants mapped out by Mitch.  He showed me all kinds of things I didn’t even know existed. Always no pesticide, no fertilizer runoff.





They sell to the occasional restaurant, and you can always find them at the Pearl Farmers Market every Saturday morning, from 9:00-1:00





Thank you to Local Sprout for letting us come and visit!