Cookie Cab

Owners and twin sisters Lauren Pepping and Lyn Akhil graduated summa cum laude from Trinity University in 2006. As twins, we’ve always done everything together. We studied Finance and International Business and began our careers in corporate business consulting. We both had lifelong aspirations of having our own business. Growing up abroad in Saudi Arabia where many people have successful family-run businesses ignited the entrepreneurial spirit in us. It wasn’t until many years later that Lauren fulfilled that dream when the Cookie Cab idea was born. As a new stay at home mom still wanting to stay active in the business world, she, along with a friend, had the idea to open a cookie delivery business which has proved to be a great success. In 2015, Lauren’s original co-founder moved out of state and sold her portion of the company, which allowed Lyn to excitedly join Lauren as a co-owner of Cookie Cab in 2016. Lyn, who had since left corporate consulting to pursue a career in the emergency medical field, missed the business world and now splits her days between her passion for medicine and love for business ownership (and cookies!). We are fortunate to have a successful family-owned business, absolutely love what we do and, most importantly, we get to do it together!



Cookie Cab
1832 Nacogdoches Rd.



Tell us about the decisions, moves, or people who have made your business a success.



Hard work, dedication and a great deal of support have contributed to our success. Support from our husbands, families, friends and, most importantly, the San Antonio community, has allowed us to continue spreading cookie love all over the city! One of the greatest things about San Antonio is its determination to see home-grown, local companies succeed. We have had the support of local news media persona who have highlighted us on morning shows and continue ordering cookies as gifts to friends and colleagues. Various San Antonio-based print and online media outlets have written articles about Cookie Cab. Local non-profit organizations, to which we frequently donate cookies to, also order cookies regularly as gifts to their own customers and donors. Our loyal customers also continue contributing to our success; not just by ordering cookies, but the “word of mouth” marketing and social media posts, hearts and likes have gone a long way!





Do you have any interesting anecdotes about your business you would like to share? Think back on some of your peaks and valleys — what were major challenges or victories? Who have been some of your quirkiest customers or colleagues?



Every business startup has its challenges and Cookie Cab is no different, but we were very fortunate to enjoy a steep and quick acceleration in business from the outset. In the first couple of weeks of opening our doors, Cookie Cab was featured in several media outlets which kick-started orders. Our greatest “lesson learned” was one that was nice to have but also one that caught us off guard. We had prepared for a slow, difficult start and failed to prepare fully for quick success. We did not initially prepare for the extra work, inventory and effort that was required. We ultimately ramped up quickly and hired our first employee sooner than we thought we would. We are grateful for this initial struggle and have learned to maintain and optimistic outlook on all new challenges that present themselves…and prepare for both worst-case and best-case scenarios!


We have also had a series of unfortunate events that occurred within a year of each other, which we have had to overcome–a burglary and a tornado! It was a challenge to get back up and running after the burglary only to get hit by a tornado! We never would have thought that a tornado would hit our little store! We persevered and managed to find a temporary location for six months while our shop was being rebuilt. We are crossing our fingers and toes that we can evade future burglaries and natural disasters.


We love getting to know our customers and their stories/reasons for ordering our cookies. We get to put smiles on people’s faces all year-round. We’ve delivered to new mommies, local non-profits, families who have lost pets, the Spurs at their practice facility, news anchors on set, and more! We love where our cookies take us around town.





What do you want people to know about your business?



Cookie Cab is proud to be San Antonio’s first cookie delivery company. Sending warm, freshly-baked cookies as a gift for any occasion is an affordable, unique way to show someone–friends, family, colleagues or clients–that you care. We spent more than a year of developing, taste testing, and perfecting our recipes, product and service. We have a strong focus on quality, fresh ingredients, beautiful packaging, and great customer service–all of which sets Cookie Cab apart. When you order from Cookie Cab, it’s like receiving cookies from a family member or friend…we bake a lot of love into every cookie we make!



What life lessons has your business learned along the way?



What we have learned and what we would like to share to others is: don’t get discouraged. You will face many obstacles and, as they say, “When it rains, it pours.” We know and understand that saying all too well! No matter the difficulty, have a strong will and a positive attitude and you will find a way to overcome each obstacle. With every surmounted obstacle comes clarity and wisdom for overcoming future ones. Most importantly, surround yourself with people who will support you in tough times and celebrate your successes.





What makes your business unique? What sets your business apart from your competitors?



There are several things that set us apart from our customers:
– 100% Hispanic female owned
– Local
– First cookie delivery company in San Antonio
– Natural ingredients are important to our recipes (i.e. we use real butter!)
– Our cookies are baked to order and delivered WARM



What’s next for you and your company? Where do you see yourself in a year, five years, 10 years?



Our personal development plans are complex, incorporating various aspects of our professional and personal lives. As business owners and professional women, we have goals of continued growth with Cookie Cab. Lauren, who is a mother of three, is very active in her children’s school and extracurricular activities. Her personal development plan focuses on balancing the responsibilities of an active mother with Cookie Cab’s growth aspirations. Lyn has a career outside of Cookie Cab as a full-time Physician Assistant in an ER. Her passions lie with both careers, and her personal development plan centers on the most effective way to split her energy and efforts between the medical field and striving for continued Cookie Cab success. We hope to continue to grow Cookie Cab so that it’s a household name in San Antonio. We want to be a part of more people’s personal and corporate/business lives!





How does your business contribute to the San Antonio community? Tell us about ways you’re involved, ways you give back, or ways you’ve been a pioneer in the business community.



In addition to our retail service to individuals and corporate customers, Cookie Cab prides itself in its commitment to giving back to the community. We have contributed cookies, gift certificates, volunteer hours and sales proceeds to a variety of community organizations, including Southwest School of Art, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Komen San Antonio, McNay Museum, August Heart, David’s Legacy, Girls Inc. and many public and private schools.



What’s your favorite part about your business?



There are two things that are hands down our favorite parts of the business: 1) getting to work with each other, and 2) delivering smiles around San Antonio.



Thank you to Cookie Cab for letting us come and visit!